Africa Country List with Capital Population Currency Language

Africa is the 2nd largest continents of the world, The land of Africa is divided into five regions. These six regions are North Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa, and East Africa. Each region has something unique to offer. Algeria is Africa’s largest country by area, and Nigeria is its largest by population. africa country list capital population currency language

Africa is a very diverse continent, with each country, or even each part of a country having its own unique culture. Africa is comprised of desert, tropical, savanna grasslands, jungle and even subarctic climates.

While the first activity most people associate with Africa is safaris, there are endless possibilities for adventure. You can purchase crafts in markets, venture into the Sahara with a Tuareg caravan, visit pygmy villages, hike through jungle to watch gorillas, relax on tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, experience arguably the world’s best wildlife safaris, snack on exotic treats, travel down a river in a dugout “pirogue”, travel across savannah on a colonial-era railway, and much more.

African Country List with Capital, Currency, Population and Language

There are 54 countries covered africa geographic boundaries, .. List of sovereign states and dependent territories in Africa. For more Countries and Continents.

AlgeriaAlgiers41. 766 millionAlgerian DinarArabic
AngolaLuanda30.421 millionAngolan kwanzaPortuguese
BeninPorto-Novo11.375 millionCFA FrancFrench
BotswanaGaborone2.318 millionBotswana pulaEnglish, Tswana
Burkina FasoOuagadougou19.535 millionCFA FrancFrench
BurundiBujumbura11.216 millionBurundian francFrench, Kirundi
Cabo VerdePraia550,908Cape Verdean EscudoPortuguese
CameroonYaoundé24.457 millionCFA FrancFrench, English
Central African Republic(CAR)Bangui4.745 millionCFA FrancFrench, Sango
ChadN'Djamena15.913 millionCFA FrancFrench, Arabic
ComorosMoroni825,949Comorian FrancFrench, Arabic, Comorian
Democratic Republic of the CongoKinshasa83.097 millionCongolese franc, Zairean zaireFrench
Republic of the CongoBrazzaville5.350 millionCFA francFrench
Ivory CoastYamoussoukro24.689 millionCFA francFrench
DjiboutiDjibouti966.524Djiboutian francFrench, Arabic
EgyptCairo98.75 millionEgyptian poundArabic
Equatorial GuineaMalabo1.300 millionCFA francFrench, Portuguese, Spanish
EritreaAsmara5.145 millionEritrean nakfaTigrinya, Arabic, English
EthiopiaAddis Ababa106.700 millionEthiopian birrAmharic
GabonLibreville2.053 millionCFA francFrench
GambiaBanjul2.241 millionGambian dalasiFrench
GhanaAccra29.241 millionGhanaian cediEnglish
GuineaConakry12.933 millionGuinean francFrench
Guinea-BissauBissau1.891 millionCFA francPortuguese
KenyaNairobi50.510 millionKenyan shillingSwahili, English
LesothoMaseru2.252 millionSouth African rand, Lesotho lotiEnglish, Southern Sotho
LiberiaMonrovia4.810 millionLiberian dollarEnglish
LibyaLibyan dinar6.434 millionLibyan dinarArabic
MadagascarAntananarivo26.016 millionMalagasy ariary, Malagasy francMalagasy, French
MalawiLilongwe18.972 millionMalawian kwachaChewa, English
MaliBamako18.995 millionCFA francFrench
MauritaniaNouakchott4.497 millionMauritanian ouguiyaArabic
MauritiusPort Louis1.267 millionMauritian rupeeEnglish
MoroccoRabat36.023 millionMoroccan dirhamArabic
MozambiqueMaputo30. 221 millionMozambican meticalPortuguese
NamibiaWindhoek2.568 millionSouth African rand, Namibian dollarEnglish
NigerNiamey22.015 millionCFA francFrench
NigeriaAbuja194.110 millionNigerian nairaEnglish
RwandaKigali12.399 millionRwandan francKinyarwanda, French, English
Sao Tome and PrincipeSão Tomé207,248São Tomé, Príncipe dobraPortuguese
SenegalDakar16.29 millionCFA francFrench
SeychellesVictoria95,064Seychellois rupeeFrench, English, Seselwa
Sierra LeoneFreetown7.661 millionSierra Leonean leoneEnglish
SomaliaMogadishu15.026 millionSomali shillingSomali, Arabic
South AfricaCape Town57.168 millionSouth African randAfrikaans, English, Ndebele, more
South SudanJuba12.805 millionSouth Sudanese poundEnglish
SudanKhartoum41.171 millionSudanese poundArabic, English
SwazilandMbabane, Lobamba1.382 millionSouth African rand, Swazi lilangeniEnglish, Swati
TanzaniaDodoma58.548 millionTanzanian shillingSwahili, English
TogoLomé7.925 millionCFA francFrench
TunisiaTunis11.616 millionTunisian dinarArabic
UgandaKampala43.769 millionUgandan shillingEnglish, Swahili
ZambiaLusaka17.434 millionZambian kwachaEnglish
ZimbabweHarare16.778 millionUS dollar, Euro, Africa RandEnglish, Xhosa, Tonga, more


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