Tracking backlinks has never been easier – Here’s how!

Tracking backlinks is very important, especially if you want to know what value they bring to your site. Quality backlinks are important for a website striving for organic traffic and visibility in the search results. In the past, tracking and checking backlinks was considered impossible because of a lack of technology. Still, today things have become much more advanced. Today you can easily track backlinks with the help of online backlink checker tools. 

Backlink checkers are online tools that can help you track your backlinks in less than seconds. With the online backlink tracker utilities, you can easily:

  • discover where the links are coming from
  • create an audit for any linking site
  • find out the best performing backlink
  • search keywords bringing the most traffic
  • show you the exact anchor text used in the link
  • find the links being used by your site
  • tell about the DR of the linking site
  • type of link, whether it is followed or no-follow
  • total number of links
  • And much more!

To get all of the above-listed information and other useful details about backlinks, you need to connect with the best online backlink checker tool. There are hundreds of backlink checker tools on the web, out of which we have handpicked the friendliest ones.

Best backlink checker tools for free tracking!

Here are some of the best ways using which you can track all sorts of backlinks.

Free backlink checker – SmallSEOTools

SmallSeoTools is home to hundreds of free seo tools, and the backlink checker is one of the popular options. The backlink counter is free to use, and you can use it without any restrictions. You have to copy the link and paste it into the input box of the tool. After entering the link/domain address, you must click on the ‘check backlinks’ button. This free backlink checker would take a few seconds to analyze the input link and would get you detailed results. You can easily check site backlinks and the quality, relevance, and authority of the link with the help of this tool. If you dig in the results, you can find out all kinds of information listed above.

Backlink checker – SearchEngineReports

This backlink checker is also among the most effective tools available on the web. This free backlink checker is very easy to use, and even a person with no experience in tracking links can use this tool like a pro. Just enter the URL in the domain bar of the tool and press the ‘check backlinks’ button. In a matter of seconds, you would get information about the links pointing towards the page and the pages pointed by the website. You can find all the outbound and inbound links on the domain address you entered as input. One can easily find out the amount of organic traffic gained from different backlinks.

Backlink checker – Duplichecker

If you want to get new backlinks, check backlinks being used by your competitors, and check the quality of the links pointing to your site, you should probably try this tool. Tracking backlinks is very easy with this tool, as you can use it on any device you want. It is a cloud-based tool, so you would only need a browser and a strong web connection to use this utility. The working procedure of this tool is quite simple, and you don’t need to worry about learning anything new to use it. To get valuable feedback, you can easily try this tracker.


This is an online tool that you can easily use via subscription. You need to register your account with the tool and enter the domain address you want to check. Based on the URL input, you will get information about the links, the keywords, the quality of the content, and the referral IPs. Ahref is a complete website auditing program that can get you tons of information about a website. So if you want to check the quality of the links and other information about a website, you should try this utility.

Backlink Watch

In the world of seo, you have to always keep yourself up to date and invested in the competition. The backlink watch is a very famous tool specially designed to track the backlinks being used by your competitors. If you want to check the number of links, page rank, DA, and relevant information about your competitors’ sites, you should try this free backlink checker. There are no limitations to the use of this tool, and you can use it as often as you like!

End words

These are some of the most popular backlink checker tools that can help you track all kinds of backlinks, and that is also for free. So if you want to get rid of all the cost and efforts wasted in manual backlink tracking, you should try and trust these tools with your eyes closed!

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