The Best Free Cloud Storage Compare?

Best free cloud storage compare A cloud service is any resource that is provided over the Internet. The most common cloud service resources are Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service.

Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to users over a network (typically the Internet). Cloud storage involves stashing data on hardware in a remote physical location, which can be accessed from any device via the internet. Clients send files to a data server maintained by a cloud provider instead of (or as well as) storing it on their own hard drives.

best free cloud storage compare

1. Google Drive

Create a Google Account free now Google Drive and get 15GB of free space. you already have a Drive account if you use Gmail, Google Calendar, or even YouTube. The total storage is actually shared with other Google services, like Gmail and Google+ Photos. If you don’t use the other services, you can utilize almost all the space for Google Drive alone.

Google Drive is a natural choice for owners of Android devices as it’s already integrated, but users of other platforms may appreciate the generous free storage too. Folders and files can be shared with specific Google users via their email address or anyone with a public link. You can also make a file view-only, which prevents someone from downloading it. Keep everything safe and accessible. Get Google Drive More info

  • Free Storage: 15GB
  • Storage Price: 100GB $1.99 month. 1TB $9.99 month. 10 TB $99.99 month
  • File Size Limit: Unlimited

 2.One Drive

OneDrive is called SkyDrive Microsoft Company. Lines are clean and you can select between the boxy style or a more traditional file tree. Folders and files can be created on the web, including Office and OneNote formats thanks to tight Office Online integration. Selective sync was introduced with Windows, meaning you don’t have to have all of your OneDrive files taking up space on every laptop and PC

There’s an app for Android and iOS devices, and there’s even one in the App Store for Mac users A Windows and Mac desktop program can be installed to easily transfer folders and files of any type to OneDrive, making them accessible from an iOS or Android mobile device. The mobile app can also upload files both images and videos. Get One Drive More info

  • Free Storage: 5 GB
  • Storage Price: 50 GB $1.99 1 TB $6.99 month.
  • File Size Limit: Unlimited

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the only services to offer clients for Linux and Blackberry, alongside the usual Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS standards. Dropbox offers a rather measly 2GB of free storage, but this can be increased up to 16GB free of charge by linking your Dropbox to social media and referring friends to join the service.

You can view and upload all your Dropbox files from a desktop or mobile app and share whole folders with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. Dropbox Business subscriptions allow users to collaborate on work as well as giving each person unlimited space in a personal Dropbox account. There are also enhanced features for file recovery and versioning. Get Dropbox More Info

  • Free Storage: 2GB
  • Storage Price: 2TB $12.50 month.
  • File Size Limit: Unlimited


4. Mega

Unlike more sophisticated cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Mega’s storage won’t integrate with your file system. You can only access your files via a Web browser. … You will also be able to drag and drop your files into new Mega folders. Mega does indeed appear to give you 50GB of free storage.

With an insanely generous free tier and a simple drag-and-drop interface, Mega is one of the cloud storage heavyweights. There’s a handy mobile app to allow you to upload files and photos, as well as sync clients with desktop machines. As the company has released the source code to its sync client, experts can check that there are no vulnerabilities.

Mega claims that all data stored in its cloud is encrypted on your device before it reaches the firm’s servers. So anything you send to the cloud is encrypted locally, on-route, and on the destination server. You can view and update your MEGA files through a browser, the desktop sync client, and an iOS, BlackBerry, Android, or Windows Phone device. Get Mega More info.

  • Free Storage: 50 GB
  • Storage Price:
  • File Size Limit: Unlimited


5. Box

There’s a mobile application for nearly all devices – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone – that lets you upload/download/share your content. The desktop sync client for Windows and Mac OS X make is super simple to upload files to Box.

The web portal gives you the ability to create new documents in either Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or web-based formats, which you can then edit in Box via a free, downloadable plug-in. Box users can share whole folders of data or pick single files to share with a public link. Get Box more info

  • Free Storage: 10 GB
  • Storage Price: 100GB $6 month. Unlimited Storage $17 month.
  • File Size Limit: Unlimited


6. iCloud

If you want to back up your iPhone to iCloud, you’ll need more than the free 5GB allowance Apple gives you, but compared to rivals iCloud prices are very reasonable. The Mac Finder app integrates iCloud Drive, where you can store any files you wish. Documents created in the iWork office suite are also saved to iCloud and can sync across your devices. Windows users can also sync their files with iCloud Drive using the official client, and access the iWork apps on the iCloud website. Get more info iCloud

  • Free Storage: 5GB
  • Storage Price:
  • File Size Limit: Unlimited


7. pCloud

Opening a new account with pCloud will give you a respectable 10GB of free. with friend referrals and other bonus steps jumping it to a possible 20 GB. pCloud imposes no file size restrictions, so you can upload anything that your storage space allows. This is done in impressively quick fashion, with syncing proving fast and efficient. All data transfers between the pCloud servers and your machine are handled with TLS/SSL encryption, so they should be safe on their travels.

Both files and folders can both be shared with non-users. Shared folders can even be downloaded as a ZIP archive. Also, pCloud allows upload links to be generated for folders so anyone can send files to your account. A unique email address is also generated which lets you (or anyone) email files directly to a folder on your pCloud account. Get more info pCloud

  • Free Storage: 10 GB
  • Storage Price: 500GB $3.99 month. 2 TB $7.99 month
  • File Size Limit: Unlimited

 8. IDrive

IDrive offers continuous syncing of your files, even those on network drives. The web interface supports sharing files by email, Facebook and Twitter. Cautious or click-happy users will be pleased to hear that files deleted from your computer are not automatically deleted from the server, so there’s less danger of removing something important accidentally.

IDrive also offers IDrive Express – a service whereby if you lose all your data they will ship a physical hard drive out to you, allowing for the swift restoration of all your backed up files. Get more info iDrive

  • Free Storage: 5GB
  • Storage Price: 1TB $52 year.
  • File Size Limit: Unlimited



Best free cloud storage compare I will suggest you are use now mega because Mega 50 Gb Storage free now. And most popular used Google Drive, One Drive. and Dropbox. this 3 Cloud Storage is best Security and Backup. Some people are using mega,mega is not bad.


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