How to Change your Password on Facebook on your Android

Hey Doload fans today i will show you How do I change my Facebook password on my phone? And also guide here How do you change your password on Facebook? So friends follow the instruction change password facebook android

It is always a good habit to change the password of your social networking accounts, or other accounts allows for the case, for internet security. For the Facebook Application on Android browser, if you have forgotten your Password, or if you simply want to change it for Security reasons, Password Change is Easy.

How do you change your password on Facebook on your Android Phone Using App or Browser

Step 1: Launch Facebook App or Browser.Log in your Facebook Account

Step 2: Tap on Three Line icon “Menu”

Step 3: Tap on “ Account Setting” Scroll all the way down and in the last section we will see

Step 4: Tap on “ Security and login

Step 5: Tap on “Change password”. Scroll down we will see

Step 6:  Now enter your old password into the “Current password” fill, then enter your “New password” which you want to do. Now “Re-type new password

Step 7: Tap on “Change Password

Now you’ll be seeing a screen Logout of other devices?.If you want to stay login on other devices then go with that option, otherwise go with Stay Logged in and tap on “Continue” to.That’s it


Simple Tricks Change your Password on Facebook on your Android.change password facebook android

Are you using browser, must be Log in Facebook account in your browser, get this link to simple way Change your Password on Facebook.



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