How Do i Download Facebook Video On My Computer?

Hey Doload Fans i wanna show a new teach for you How do I download a video from Facebook to my computer? And also guide here How do I download a video from my Facebook page? And video posted on Facebook? So friends follow the under instruction download Facebook video computer


Facebook does not provide official links to videos for you to keep. But all you have to do is trick your browser into thinking you’re surfing Facebook to my computer. Unfortunately, Facebook does not offer an easy option to download videos from friends and family. However, following the steps below allows you to download any uploaded video on Facebook without any software.

How Do I Download a Video From Facebook to My Computer Without Any Software?

Step 1: Open your browser.Go to Facebook

Step 2: Choose a video.if you want to download

Step 3: Right-click on the video and select Show video URL.

Step 4: Copy the video URL. Press on keyboard Ctr+C. Video URL must be highlighted


Step 5: in the browser address bar paste the video url. Also do it press “Ctrl+v”

Step 6: Change the “Url” “web” to “m” Example”

Video url:

Change the video url:

Step 7: Once changed, press Enter to open the mobile version of the page and follow the steps below,

Step 8: Click this Play button.Play this video.Right click the video Select “Save video as”.

Step 9: Open a Pop up windows See. Choose a location on your computer where you want to save the video.


Bonus Tricks: Download a Video From Facebook to My Computer Without Any Software?

 Also Do it See the under right corner.Download button. Click this Download button. that’s it


Method 2: How to download Facebook video computer Online Tools?

Step 1: Choose a Facebook any video. if you want to download.

Step 2: Copy the video “Url”

Step 3: Go to Enter the video URL.


Step 4: You are See Download option.Tap on  Download video



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