How Do I Download Pictures From Facebook to Computer?

Hey Doload fans today i will show you How do you save a picture from Facebook?and also guide here how to download photos from Facebook to computer.So friends follow this instruction you can any image save from pictures Facebook computer

How to Save Photos From Facebook to Linux Computer?
How Can i Download Photos From Facebook to Mac Computer?
How Do i Download Photos From Facebook to Windows Computer?

There are millions of pictures floating around Facebook: photos of people, of artwork, of sunsets.These images may remain adrift on the site until the end of the Internet, but it can still be difficult to track down photos more than a few days after they have been posted.

Facebook has one of the largest online photo directory with over 400 million photos uploaded each day. With such a large photo directory and total control over your photos, you’ll probably want to know how you can download your photos.

How to download pictures Facebook computer.Windows-MAc-Linux

Step 1: Open your browser. Go to Facebook

Step 2: Choose a pictures if you want to download. Then Click the picture to open the viewing window.


Step 3: This Photos will open up the full-sized.Then Right-click on the picture and select “Save image as”


Step 4: you will click the “Save image as”Opened a Pop Up Windows and Select a Folder you want to save pictures click “Save” Download Complete

Step 5: That’s ok.  all done enjoy.



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