How to Write a Character Essay? Ten ways to Find your Character

This article will be helpful for all the students who struggle with depicting an outstanding character. It presents ten applicable tips on how to do that. At the same time, students can pay for an essay online. Numerous qualified writers on the web will be glad to help.

1. Don’t ignore the information noise 

The media are your friends. They tell many stories every day that, fortunately, or unfortunately, don’t happen to your real friends. Don’t run from the agenda, don’t hide in a monastery. Watch reports, listen to podcasts, read interviews, check out photo galleries, and don’t begrudge Youtube. The main thing here is selectivity because there is a high probability of drowning in a stream of completely useless and even harmful information.

2. Set priorities 
In sincerity with yourself, in a candid confession, what is interesting, and what is not, lies the key to the choice of a hero. From conception to incarnation is a long trail with obstacles: you have to not only invent but also search, filter, and verify the information that will be the ground for your fantasy. The selectivity mentioned above is the ability to distinguish the relevant from the useless. You’ll live with the character much more than the reader, so if you don’t make contact, either the character will run away on his own, or you’ll evict him to the farthest reaches of the draft.

3. Take your headphones out in time. 

If you find yourself in a new or just a crowded place, listen to what is happening around you, and look closely at those around you. Observe the neighbors in the subway car, the passersby, bored in lines. Catch scraps of telephone conversations and audio messages, to assemble from them a new drawing in a kaleidoscope tube.

4. Don’t shy away from the conversation. 

Confiding in a neighbor on the train or train is often much easier than the closest friend: talk and disperse. In these casual encounters – the most sincere and important will be confirmed to you. But it’s hard to open up to strangers, so we do not force it. It’s better to listen and memorize what clings to you. But be careful and try to avoid confrontations: you still have to write.

5. Stay focused and be open. 
Business coaches, authors of books on writing, and writers themselves have one piece of advice common to all of them: don’t wait for the perfect moment. Carve out time to work on your text, but don’t forget about your leisure time: to stock up on characters and plots, you’ll have to go out into the world, and leave the walls of your cozy inner world. And even if you go out to a cafe next door, where you know your face – it’s also a step forward. You won’t be able to guess all the customers anyway.

6. Go out (and not only outside the apartment). 
Think about the classics: who among them has not gone to the mountains / the sea / abroad? Karamzin, Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Turgenev, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, and even the modern classics Vladimir Sorokin and Viktor Pelevin (settled permanently). Travel is not only impressions of what you see, not only new acquaintances, and hence stories completely different or, conversely, paradoxically similar to what we are used to, but also unexpected forms, and experiments with the genre. Adopt the best and pass it through your value system, thanks to technology.

7. Make your hobby and your environment work for you.
What you do for pleasure is your area of interest. A favorite business will tell about the person more truthfully, than his self-presentation for 10 minutes. In action, the character will manifest the features of your character: what he will choose, a tango or a barbell? How will he lead his partner?

How will he pull the iron? A hobby is an opportunity to get inspired, clear your head of unnecessary things and get a good look at others. Even if you visit the same place for months, each time the picture of this closed world can be saturated with bright details and non-obvious details.

8. Recall Experiences.
Stories from the past that frame before your eyes or, conversely, are remembered vaguely, through a haze. People who once surprised, situations that once shocked – what remains in the memory, on the shortcut button, definitely matters. The same goes for the things we tend to forget: unpleasant encounters, forced measures. Behind a particular situation lies a more general and many understandable problems. In this case, the recollection serves to sketch the environment that gave birth to the hero, to mark the starting point of his literary journey. As we remember, you should only write when you care, when it hurts, when you can’t do it any other way. If you don’t care about the hero, why should others care about him?

9. Recall the book’s most beloved 
A freewheeling reworking of a classic is no surprise, nor is moving through time and space. Perhaps your hero is already made up? Perhaps you want to do justice to his story? There is an opinion that works based on previously written ones are parasitic literature and include only fanfiction. But here one should think of Tom Stoppard’s brilliant play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Or Ian McEwan’s novel In the Shell. Both writers have proven that it is possible to create a new and even unique work based on a classic work: the main thing is to choose the right focus. What kind of labor do you think Madame Bovary would make today?

10. Don’t turn your back on loved ones
In the pursuit of fresh impressions, it is very easy to relegate the familiar to the boring and stop paying attention to the daily little things, home rituals. Features of being in a relaxed or tense environment (here individually, by family) reveal the character and often breaks down the perception that may have been formed by his behavior in public. Besides reddit essay writing service can greatly help with describing characters. Their experts also help with grammar and style.

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