How to Make Yahoo my Homepage on Mozilla Firefox

This Doload teaches for you. And How do i set Yahoo as my homepage on Firefox?. And How do you change your homepage on Firefox. So friends follow the instruction make yahoo homepage Mozilla Firefox your Windows or Mac Computer

make yahoo homepage Mozilla Firefox Permanently

Your startup page is the one that shows when you first launch chrome on your computer. Your browser “homepage” is the webpage you see each time you open that browser. Start the day with the Yahoo homepage, where you’ll find news stories and trending info as well as links to Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Answers, and other important services. Follow the instructions for the specific browser you use.


How do I set up Yahoo as my homepage on Firefox Browser

Step 1: Launch your “Mozilla Firefox” browser

Step 2: Click the “Menu” icon. And Select “Options


Step 3: in the “General” tab. Under See the “When Firefox starts” Scroll down arrow page Select “Show your Home page


Step 4: Enter the Homepage area box type: And then Click Firefox “Home” Button.

  Note: Next time open your browser. Automatic yahoo search bar and Yahoo Mail, Yahoo news show your Homepage

Step 5: That’s it.



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