How to Protect Google Adsense From Invalid Click Activity

This Doload teaches... stop disabling adsense for invalid click activity and how to prevent invalid clicks adsense. friends read the article and protect google adsense invalid click activity.

Invalid traffic is any activity that doesn’t come from a real user with genuine interest. It can include accidental clicks caused by intrusive ad implementations, fraudulent clicking by competing advertisers, advertising botnets and more.

What is invalid click activity in adsense
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Invalid activity and Invalid click activity For protection on adsense

The adsense account is a lot of effort to get approval. If your adsense is disabled by showing an invalid click activity, it may banned your domain. so you have to use adsense carefully.The adsense team disables your account by showing two reasons. It is: – Invalid activity and Invalid click activity.

Here is the 6 tricks to protect adsense account from invalid activity and invalid click activity. I am suggest for you are follow in this most common 6 role. I’m 100% sure your account will be protected.

#1. Adsense may be disabled due to invalid traffic.

When your site visitor comes, Google keeps an eye on the monitor. where the visitors comes from. what sources , what urls, what countries,.. google doesn’t accept to:  paid traffic, Adult site traffic, more other illegal generate traffic.  You can bring traffic from search engines, social media, forums, and releated blog site.


#2. Adsense click bombing protection and follow adsense CTR.

The page clickthrough rate (CTR) is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of page views. You can take 1 click on every 100 page views, in which your adsense account is protected,and your AdSense account page will be below CTR 1.00.

Whenever see your page CTR 1.00 above..  and if you see that you got the page view 1000 and click received 15-20.. then you will understand that your adsense clicks are bombing.  then immediately remove the add code from your site, where the possibility of clicking.


#3. Do not place the ad code where the accidentally is clicked.

Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click on Google ads in any way. ..The computer and mobile user when read your blog article there is no space to scroll to read content, accidentally click on your ad.

So if you’r not leaving adequate white space or other space between the content, user can accidentally scroll over an ad and click on it causing and accidentally click situation..  These are very common situation for you to be aware of you should take a close look at your site and  make sure that you are labelling and providing spacing to avoid this situationt.. To use adsense ads code on your site section:-

  1. Header
  2. Footer
  3. Sidebar


#4. Don’t click or  view your own ads.

You wouldn’t want people clicking on your ads and committing fraud on your ads and stealing your money. don’t ever click on your own ads. I’m gonna say it’s wrong, plain and simple. I am 100% sure that your adsense account will be banned for life..

You can not give adsense clicks or page views manually or with your friends or family member, and don’t pageview on your site without ad blocking.. otherwise you will be banned. google is so smart now.


#5. Choose a right ads unit

Link and Text ads are a lot more clickable so you can use image ads. Clicking on link ads gives less money, adsense is not needed to use these ads. So I’ll tell you to use responsive with image and text  ad code on your site,and you can protect your adsense from the invalid click activity.


#6. You can use 3 ads on every post page according to adsense rules.

We put in  4-5 ads on a post page to earn a lot of money. Google has said in his blog, can not add more than 3 ads per page. So do not you think that if there are more ads, the money will be more. AdSense paid the page view. so there is no need to put too much advertisements. To keep your adsense account safe, you use ads in Header and Footer side.



I tried to explain the article for protect google adsense invalid click activity, If you like this article, then share the post and comment. You can read more about adsense in this site !!

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