How to Record Video Call on WhatsApp/Imo/Messenger/Skype

WhatsApp/Imo/Messenger/Skype is being used by numerous people for business as well as personal usages. Often, many official discussions on WhatsApp/Imo/Messenger/Skype need to be recorded by video call recorder for further check or people wish to capture the memories like sharing the first glimpse of a child with your parents who stay in a distant land. To save any important moment, discussions, or thoughts  WhatsApp/Imo/Messenger/Skype video call recorder is the best solution.Let’s go How to record video call whatsapp imo messenger skype with audio.

How to recrod whatsapp video calls
How to recrod imo video calls
How to recrod skype video calls
How to recrod facebook messenger video calls


To record a video call, you need to know first how to record the screen. When you talk to the video call, you can turn on the screen record and only then your video call will be recorded. When your video call ends, you will close the screen record, then see that your video call is recorded with audio. Let’s see how you will record the screen for the video call.



How to record video call on whatsApp/imo/messenger/skype in android

DU Recorder is a free, stable, high-quality screen recorder for Android that helps you record smooth and clear screen videos. You are also customize the screen resolution and video quality.

#1. Download and Install the DU Recorder.

#2. Open the DU Recorder apps and See the navigation menu.

#3. Tap the ‘Recorder’ icon, and start the Recording.

#4. Tap the Stop icon, recording is stopping.

#5. That’s it.




How to record video call on whatsApp/imo/messenger/skype in iphone

IOS 11 also has a built-in screen whatsApp/imo/messenger/skype video call iphone recorder. So, let’s see how to record your iPhone screen.

#1. Add Screen Recording to Control Center. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap + symbol next to Screen Recording.

#2. When setting up the app is complete, to record the Whatsapp video call in iPhone, click the Control Centre by swiping the home screen of your mobile.

#3. Tap the Screen Recording button and wait for 3 seconds to start recording.

#4. To record audio while recording Whatsapp video call in iPhone, press the screen recording button deeply and tap on the Microphone Audio.

#5. Red color status bar at the top of the screen can be tapped and then press stop to finish the recording.



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