How to Save Battery Life and Make Last Longer Battery on iPhone

Battery life” is the amount of time your device runs before it needs to be recharged. “Battery lifespan” is the amount of time your battery lasts until it needs to be replaced. Maximize both and you’ll get the most out of your Apple devices, no matter which ones you own. save battery life make last longer battery iphone 4, 5, 6, 7, , and 9

How DO i save battery life make last longer battery iphone

For the average iPhone user, that’s unheard of. We run around with wires, adapters and brick-sized portable chargers, just to get through the day. That’s ridiculous. But after today, you won’t be an average iPhone user.

If you could rely on your phone to last through the day, you’d be less annoyed, work better and live a little more peacefully. Here are 16 small tweaks to make that happen. Each one only takes seconds to implement, but taken together, they greatly extend your iPhone’s battery life.



Battery life hacks: all you need to know make your iPhone last again. Check the your battery usage information:-

View Usage “Battery Percentage”

With iOS, you can easily manage your device’s battery life, because you can see the proportion of your battery used by each app (unless the device is charging). To view your usage, Go to Settings > Battery Percentage > Toggle on . Here are the messages you may see listed below the apps you’ve been using:




15 Tips For iPhone Battery LifeHack: save battery life make last longer battery iphone

#1. Disable “Background App Refresh”

This indicates that the battery was used by the app while it was in the background — that is, while you were using another app.

  1. To improve battery life, you can turn off the feature that allows apps to refresh in the background. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and set the switch to Off.
  2. If the Mail app lists Background Activity, you can choose to fetch data manually or increase the fetch interval. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data.


#2. Turn On Low Power Mode

If you have iOS 9 or later installed on your iPhone, then you can take advantage of Apple’s newfangled Low Power Mode. You’ll find the toggle to turn it on in Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. The feature temporarily turns off or reduces mail fetch, Siri functions, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects until you fully charge your iPhone.\




#3. Turn Off Buletooth

I shouldn’t even have to say this, but I do. Unless you wear an Apple Watch, for which Bluetooth is the most resourceful way to stay connected to your phone, Bluetooth drains your battery for no reason at all….  You can deactivate it right in Control Center, which you can access anywhere by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth.


#4. Turn Off Notifications

Some apps will send you notifications that you don’t really need. Go to Settings > Notification Center and look under Include. Tap on any apps that you don’t need notifications from and choose None under the Alert Style, and then toggle Show in Navigation Center to off and Show on Lock Screen to off.


#5. Stop “Location Services”

Most apps will default into tracking your location via GPS wherever you go, but the majority doesn’t even need to in order to function. Go to ‘Privacy’ → ‘Location Services’ and then set apps like App Store, Dropbox or Evernote to ‘Never’ and location-based apps to ‘While Using.’ That’s more than enough access. This indicates that the app is using location services.

  1. You can optimize your battery life by turning off Location Services for the app. Turn off in Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  2. In Location Services, you can see each app listed with its permission setting. Apps that recently used location services have an indicator next to the on/off switch.



#6. Turn Off Auto-Brightness

Lowering your phone’s brightness is one of, if not the best way to save battery. However, as long as auto-brightness keeps raising and lowering it without your command, it’s worthless. This is a bit hidden. You can find it under ‘General’ > ‘Accessibility’ > ‘Display Accommodations’ > ‘Auto-Brightness.’



#7. Turn Off  “iCould”

Automatically backing up to iCloud can drain your battery and eat through your data allowance. It’s a useful feature for backing up precious photos, but there might be a few things being backed up that you don’t really care about or need. Take a look in Settings > iCloud and toggle off anything you don’t want.



#8. Turn Off “Siri”

Unless you’re relying on the kind lady inside your phone to get stuff done, let her sleep. Just disable all four toggles under ‘Siri & Search.’ Whatever standby services they’re for, I’m sure they don’t run on sunshine and rainbows. To turn it off, Go to Settings > General > Siri and turn Allow “Hey Siri” off.



#9. Turn On “Reduce Motion”

There are two obvious things on your iPhone that are purely aesthetic, but impact your battery life negatively: the parallax effect and dynamic wallpapers. To get rid of the unnecessary parallax effect, Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn Reduce Motion on. Next go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper and pick something from Stills or a photo. The dynamic wallpapers and the parallax effect are animated by information from the iPhone’s sensors about how you’re holding and moving the phone. These effects inevitably drain battery life.


#10. Disable “Raise to Wake”

A dark screen saves energy, so why lose that every time you pick up your phone? Right below ‘Auto-Lock’ you can turn off ‘Raise to Wake’ to make your screen light up only when you press the side or home button while in locked mode.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Display & Brightness.
  3. Tap the switch next to Raise to Wake to ‘off’. The switch should now be white.



#11. Turn Off All “Vibration”

Below ‘Shake to Undo,’ there’s an option to eliminate ALL vibration from your phone, even for calls and emergency alerts. Nice if you can make it work, but even for me a bit impractical.


#12. Turn Off “Automatic App Downloads”

In the ‘iTunes & App Store’ section, turn off all automatic downloads. There’s usually a reason you download an app on one device and not another. There goes one more unnecessary battery drainer!

  1. Tap Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.
  2. Turn on the content that you want to automatically download. 

You can turn Automatic Downloads on or off over your cellular network on an iPhone or iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular. Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store and turn Use Cellular Data on or off. Cellular Data downloads are limited to a file size of 100 MB or smaller.


#13. Turn Off “3D Touch”

Also under ‘Accessibility,’ you’ll find 3D Touch. While it does come with a few nifty features, the vibration from the pressure tap takes a toll on your battery. Some of them just convert to ‘hold the button’ features instead, while others, like folder previews, disappear. So far I’m not missing them… Disable 3D touch Go to Setting > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch > Toggle the 3D touch switch to the OFF.


#14. Set ‘Auto-Lock’ To 1 Minute

The longer your phone sits around before it locks itself and turns off the screen, the more energy it wastes. Go to ‘Display & Brightness’ ‘Auto-Lock’ and select one minute. You can of course adjust this to what you find works for you, but the less, the better.


#15. Switch Push Email to Fetch

Do you really need to get every email as soon as it comes in? Maybe you’ve got a secondary email account that isn’t so important. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and switch from Push to either Fetch or Manual. With Fetch, you can set an interval, such as every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and so on, for your iPhone to check for new email. The longer you make the interval, the less battery you’ll be using. With Manual, it will only check for new email when you open the app.





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