How to Make Common Blog Posts Unique

These days, as blogging normalizes more so every single day, the quest to make a blog post creative and unique remains as challenging as ever before. If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or a blogger with a site – make sure that the uploaded content is beneficial, thought-provoking, and devout out of any plagiarism.

We’ll be talking about bloggers, specifically. Everyday blog posts aren’t taken as seriously as they should. Site owners don’t consider factors such as; proofreading, plagiarism check, and target audience. All these are responsible for making blog posts seem bland, if not rightly used.

To write better content, it is recommended that you use a genuine free plagiarism checker. Why so? Well, through a plagiarism check, a blog post undergoes thorough checking. Any sentence that isn’t unique is highlighted, and most software has a rewriting feature to correct that. To avoid any mishaps, a plagiarism check is vital. Overall, a free plagiarism checker ensures unique blog posts for your site!

Why is a Plagiarism Check Important for Blog Posts?

With the advent of digital marketing, the way we market our businesses online has completely changed. Now, SEO is an essential element of a site. Google’s algorithm changes far too frequently, making it difficult for individual posts to stand out. The search engine prioritizes unique content over others. Having said that, a plagiarism check tool guarantees that unworthy, copied content gets filtered out.

Also, without a “plagiarism detection,” a site can even get banned in the worst-case scenario. How, so? This comes off as shocking to most people as they undermine the use of a free plagiarism checker. If you continuously post copied content, Google will revoke all monetary rights. A “plagiarism check” is essential to avoid such extreme circumstances.

Which Free Plagiarism Checker is the Best?

The answer is relative. Each plagiarism check software has its own virtues, along with drawbacks. The “right” software must act according to your needs. So, figure out how a plagiarism checker will boost the blog’s ranking!

Luckily, the list we’ve complied with has one of the best free plagiarism checker-based software out there! It’ll surely satisfy you. We have discussed each tool in complete detail. Without any delay, here’s an overview of over three plagiarism detectors:

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector is a free-to-use, reliable software that has been widely used for years now. It’s a well-known plagiarism tool, and as the name implies, the software works efficiently as a plagiarism checker.

More so, this free plagiarism check tool has a grammar feature as well. It is supporting cloud storage, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can either upload it from the cloud or directly from storage. Either way, there are various options one can go for. With a “Deep Search” feature, equipped with a fast process – is an ideal online tool. This best free plagiarism checker is highly recommended for academic, personal, legal, and business needs.


  • Simple UI. Easy to comprehend
  • Deep-Search makes it stand out from the rest


  • Limited to 1000 words for a document. Requires additional payment to increase word-count
  • Words get taken out of context, occasionally

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is widely known for always being on top of Google’s search results.  Overall, Small SEO Tools are efficient in terms of speed, accuracy, and citing sources.

The software supports all sorts of cloud storage, even WordPress. A plagiarism detector and WordPress integrating together isn’t that common. Small SEO Tools breaks the stereotype by having this feature. This is especially useful for bloggers who rely on WordPress for posts.

Reports are generated in percentages. This might not be comfortable with everyone. Although the highlighted text is shown in different colors to sort of plagiarism and grammatical errors, it depends on your preference. Overall, Small SEO Tools is a great software to rely on.


  • Continuously upload documents. Unlimited use
  • Quick processing with accurate results


  • Detects only 1000 words for one document at a time
  • Fails to detect complex-structured sentences

Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports include all the fundamental “plagiarism check” needs and work just as accurately. The software currently has a 2000 word-count limit. Utilize this feature to the max! It’s unlikely for such software to have this option for free.

Furthermore, the software supports cloud storage, and you can even directly paste a URL. Along with plagiarism, Search Engine Reports include; article rewriter, image to text converter, and a word counter.

Where the software lacks is that it fails to highlight plagiarized text in detail, it gives a vague percentage instead. Also, it does not redirect to the original source. For simple blog posts, this software is suitable, though.


  • All content gets deleted after completion of the task. Guaranteeing safety
  • Word-count increased to 2000 words


  • Annoying ads pop-up
  • Not suitable for academic blogs


Plagiarism is one of the biggest unethical issues that can destroy the fame and popularity of a writer or a site within no time. You can use any of the discussed tools to make your content unique and appealing without wasting your time and effort on finding piracy by yourself.

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