Why are streaming services becoming as expensive as cable?

With the advent of internet-based streaming services, there has been an increase in cord-cutting has been seeing an increase in the last years.  The COVID-19 pandemic has also played a pivotal role in the move from cable to streaming services. The main reason has been the cost associated with streaming services, which have been increasing. Streaming services offer a simple one fixed-cost solution that allows customers to watch as much or as little as they want. However, with rising competition, streaming services have also started increasing in number, which has resulted in costs rising. Therefore, people are wondering now whether they were too hasty in canceling their cables.

Cutting the Cords

Most of the customers have been very quick in making the jump and cutting the cord of cable TV. The main attraction was the immediate savings that would be done as a result of this change: no signup fees for online streaming as well as a small monthly fee. However, there are some drawbacks to canceling cable TV connections: this connection is best for those who stay in touch with local happenings such as news and sports as well as weather programs and only watch one or two specific programs. Streaming services do not offer access to sporting events, which is one of the biggest drawbacks – in fact, they do not offer any live, options at all! Streaming services however do offer a seamless experience in terms of no advertisements at all, as well as access to entire seasons in one go. The main decision for cable TV versus streaming services should be made on the consumption patterns of the users: are you a relaxed non-live TV watching customer or not? For those who are more interested in live events, cutting the cord can be a useless exercise.

The Associated Costs?

There are many promotional pricing options, numerous hidden fees, as well as the bundling of different services; it becomes difficult to determine the cost of cable TV. The charged costs are dependent on various factors including the location of the customer, the service provider being used, the number of channels that are subscribed, as well as the number of TVs that are connected. Basic cable TV packages start from the US $ 25 per month and offer only local channels plus a few more. Packages that offer the full deal can range from US $ 70 to US $ 100. Some companies offer bundle packages that include landline telephones, internet, and Wi-Fi services as well as cable TV.

On the other side, many streaming services are free for the initial month or three. The packages have only two options: the number of screens, which can watch content simultaneously, and the quality taken up such as HD will cost less than the 4K level of quality. Apart from that, the pricing is the same all over the globe.

Costs associated with the Internet

In the case where customers have to purchase a Wi-Fi service to access the streaming service, the cost of connection is always higher. However, in today’s world, every house has a basic internet connection that can be used to stream content. One of the drawbacks is that signing up for only internet service is more expensive than signing up for internet plus cable TV and with some, you get a home phone too! In addition, a factor that should be noted is that some home connections may not have the bandwidth to support streaming on online platforms and need to be updated.

Wrapping Up

One of the things is the fact that there are costs associated with both cable TV as well as streaming services, which has been clarified now. However, it depends on the user which cost they want to undertake, which depends on their personal and household needs. So, if you are looking for streaming and a good internet connection that is both reliable and speedy, the recommendation is to call CenturyLink customer service, one of the best in the US, where the internet service offered by them brings great speeds and even smoother customer service that will help you plan your streaming options and the right packages that you should be associated with. If you go for some other top provider, then keep in mind that customer service is an important part of the choice.

Now, at the point where every major channel has started its streaming service which results in consumers having to pay for all of these connections making the price go up and bear the cost of cable TV and other services, it depends on the user what they want and has the budget to pay for. So, make a wise analysis leading to a choice that would suit you best and get customer service help from your provider if you cannot make a decision.

In the end, streaming or cable? Depends on you and your ease with one of the options or both. Good luck!

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